School Supplies

2017 – 2018  School Supplies

Primary Supplies Needed:
FIRST name A-E                           
2 – Elmer’s glue sticks                        
1 – hand sanitizer
1 – container of Lysol wipes
1 – package of baby wipes
1 – box of gallon ziplock bags
FIRST name F-Z

1 – box of tissue
1 – 8 oz. hand soap
1 – box of quart size ziplock bags
1 – 3 pack of sponges
1 – pack of multicolored cardstock paper


Toddler Supplies Needed:

1 bottle foaming hand soap
1 box Sandwich Ziploc bags
2 refill packs of wipes
1 box of tissues (We prefer they open on top rather than the side.)
1 package of Lysol Wipes
1 picture of your child
1-2 extra changes of clothing (We sometimes have water fun in class.)
Extra diapers or underwear (send 9 diapers and we will let you know when we are running low)
*If your child needs specific medicines or sunscreen for the playground, please send those in with a note of instructions.

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