The Enrichment Extended Day Program

is a small group environment especially designed for students preparing for their kindergarten and first grade education. The activities in the class are beyond those in the normal Montessori classroom environment, yet, retain the Montessori concepts of discovery and hands-on learning.

Enrichment students work individually and in small groups exploring ideas such as: electricity, magnetism, states of matter, the human body, animal classification, insect diversity, divisions of the orchestra, famous art and artists, interpreting Venn diagrams, constructing graphs, sentence structure and story composition.

The group also enjoys field trips and field subject experts who visit the classroom to enhance their studies.

We also have Spanish lessons during the week for the Enrichment students.

During the end-of-the-year program the kindergarten graduates are given special recognition and honored with the receiving of a diploma.

The hours of Enrichment are Monday through Thursday from 12:00-1:30 with each student bringing their own healthy lunch.

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