Director of First Presbyterian Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten

A bachelor degree is required for this position. Experience with marketing, bookkeeping, fundraising, website maintenance, and personnel management preferred. Hours for the position are 8:00am – 2:15pm during the academic year. As needed throughout the summer vacation for tours, phone calls, emails, summer camp, and preparing for the upcoming year.

Job Summary:   The Director, under the supervision of the Board, is expected to establish and maintain a quality educational program by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

Duties: The Director’s duties include, but are not limited to:

General Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a safe, orderly environment for adults and children.
  2. Authorize expenditures within budget approved by Board.
  3. Attend weekly First Presbyterian Church of LaGrange staff meeting.
  4. Plan and facilitate twice annually (one at the beginning of the school year and another at the end of the school year) a meeting with the Director of First Presbyterian Church Child Care to promote a good working relationship.
  5. Plan and facilitate an annual social gathering with Board members, church members, church staff, and daycare staff to promote good working relationships.
  6. Organize a chapel service monthly.
  7. Maintain the office in an orderly and efficient manner in terms of documents, records, and positive customer service and to maintain confidentiality of all communications.
  8. Maintain current ongoing records and database on all students and staff in the school.  Maintain the confidentiality of all such records.
  9. Provide medication forms to parents, and administer medications when necessary.
  10. Plan, implement, and record fire drills.
  11. Report any and all accidents, incidents, or alleged or suspected child abuse immediately (See Guidelines for Report and Investigation of Unintentional Injury and Alleged Child Abuse).
  12. Follow all School policies and procedures as stated in the Employee Handbook and Policies and Procedures Manual and the School’s Rules and Regulations, as presently existing or as may hereafter be amended.
  13. Act as Liaison for the Department of Health visitors.  Assure that the school is in full compliance with all policies and procedures pertaining to our school.
  14. Act as liaison with the First Presbyterian Church Office
    1. Act as payment liaison to facilitate ongoing recordkeeping of checks sent to the office and tuition obligations.
    1. Communicate facility and school issues with the office.
    1. Relay payroll information to the office.

Staff Responsibilities

 In supervising and supporting the teaching staff, the Director will:

  1. Provide a sounding board for staff.  Work with staff and faculty members to problem solve or to mediate disputes among co-workers.
  2. Monitor and attend monthly teacher meetings.
  3. Participate in parent conferences as needed.
  4. Meet individually with faculty/staff as needed.
  5. Help provide resources for the teaching staff.
  6. Evaluate with the staff their in-service training needs and find, or help plan for, training experiences to meet these needs.
  7. Help facilitate communication between staff members, and between staff and parents.
  8. Provide list of substitute teachers so that teachers may contact, with approval of the Director, their own substitutes.
  9. Lead the interviewing and hiring of faculty and staff as designated in FPMPK Employee Selection Process.
  10. Manage the training and professional development programs to assure that all staff has required training and all such training is properly documented.
  11. Conduct yearly faculty evaluations.
  12. Be responsible for the accident log book.
  13. Be responsible for teacher requests for days off; keep a log of teachers and subs.
  14. Work with the teachers to assist them in managing behavior and/or challenging issues in the classroom.    

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Be available at scheduled times weekly for conferences, informal conversations, or phone calls with parents.
  2. Be available at other times for unscheduled talks with parents when needed. In these contacts, serve as a listener, a consultant, a trouble-shooter, or a communicator of school procedure or policy, as appropriate to the situation.
  3. Help set tone that allows and encourages parent involvement in the school.
  4. Participate as the Lead Staff Member in Parents’ Voice.
  5. Attend parent meetings and help plan activities.
  6. Maintain the parent handbook to acquaint parents with school program, procedures, policies, services, events, calendar, tuition, staff, etc.

Educational Community Responsibilities

  1. Maintain relationship with the private schools in the city.
  2. Research and stay informed about expectations of local public and private schools for children of various ages or grade levels.
  3. Develop a program that produces graduating students that are prepared to move on to first grade at the level expected by local private and public schools.
  4. Be a resource for staff, parents, and Board about educational issues that are relevant to them.

Public Relations and Community Responsibilities

  1. Be available for interviews at public relations events for the school.
  2. Seek out Montessori materials and files, or prepare new materials as possible and needed, to assist in public education efforts, recruitment, or parent education.
  3. Design advertising, update website (including social media sites) and brochures, and assess printing needs in conjunction with and with the approval of the Board

Educational Responsibilities

  1. Research teaching methods and techniques and develop procedures to determine whether program goals are being met.
  2. Observe in each classroom weekly and meet twice monthly with teaching teams.
  3. Meet with teaching members to determine if the curriculum and instruction meets the needs of the students.
  4. Provide professional development for Assistant and Non-Montessori teachers.
  5. Make instruction and curriculum improvements based on research and observations, as needed.
  6. Review all newsletters, all reports requested by outside agencies and ongoing school, in addition to end-of-year reports, for all eligible students prior to completion.
  7. Review and post all “Today” emails and newsletters for content and consistency.
  8. Review educational materials and make purchases necessary to maintain the quality of the program that conform to the budget set by the Board.
  9. Monitor materials ordered, the ways they are used and shared by classrooms.
  10. Maintain an inventory of the school’s educational materials and equipment in conjunction with teachers.
  11. Plan and provide on-site professional development education for teachers.
  12. Mentor new teachers and train experienced teachers on the use of materials and equipment or help them improve their skills. 
  13. Assist teachers and staff with the planning and implementation of Parent Education.
  14. Create, plan, and facilitate the summer camp program.
  15. Observe children that teachers have identified who may need to be evaluated or receive services that may include speech, physical, and occupational therapy.
  16. Implement a plan to address a child who presents a special need, including meeting with the family and/or providing the family with resources needed to address the need, which may include a change in schools.
  17. Prepare paperwork necessary for referral for services.

Admissions Responsibilities

  1. Manage the Admissions program, in accordance with the policies set by the Board.
  2. Priority will be to recruit new students by attending community events and educational fairs, hosting open houses, and increasing the name recognition of First Presbyterian Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten in the community and among parents of infants and young children.
  3. Answer all inquiries, set up appointments and tours with parents, and follow up every contact with a note, e-mail, or phone call.
  4. Maintain inquiry, enrollment, and attrition database, including potential students, current students, and alumni.
  1. Create new student records and update records for students who have reenrolled and exited.
  2. Chart applications and enrollment by month to present to the Board.
  3. Maintain student profiles and progress data in conjunction with faculty.
  4. Facilitate placement both at First Presbyterian Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten and to other area schools upon graduation (exmissions).
  5. Network with admissions directors of targeted private schools of choice.
  6. Maintain relationship with current families of enrolled students by attending meetings and school events.
  7. Create and maintain enrollment reports, including student rosters (including summer), classroom openings and full-time equivalents, financial reports, attrition, and projections.
  8. Communicate with teachers regarding Open Houses, Tours, Child Visits, Parent Visits, and the teacher’s roles in assisting with these.
  9. Supply teachers with current rosters and parent contact information as needed.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Board.