Assistant Job Description

8:00am – 12:00pm

Job Summary:   The Associate Teacher or Assistant Teacher under the supervision of the Lead Teacher and Director, is expected to establish and maintain a quality educational program by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

Duties:  Associate Teacher/Assistant Teacher duties include, but are not limited to, the obligations to:

  1. Teach and supervise all students in Associate/Assistant Teacher’s class in the Montessori Method and curriculum in all academic and specialty areas of study. Prepare materials and maintain their cleanliness and good condition/repair.
  2. Assist in the maintenance and cleanliness of classroom and all shared spaces at school.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to relate joyfully to children.
  4. Exhibit emotional maturity and stability.
  5. Be responsible for the safety and physical well-being of all students in your charge at all times.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate and professional behaviors at all times when in the school building, during classroom outdoor times, and whenever you are in the surrounding school neighborhood. Be proactive when others are not demonstrating appropriate behaviors. 
  7. Address all school (parent, child, team) issues immediately.
  8. Organize work so that daily time is available for recordkeeping, meetings with team members, and with the Director and parents as deemed reasonably necessary by your supervisors.
  9. Be in attendance at all staff meetings and parent meetings as requested by Director or Lead Teacher.
  10. Maintain ongoing communication with team members. Share all information given at staff meetings. 
  11. Inform the Lead teacher of any information given to you by a parent.
  12. Follow the classroom schedule created by the Lead teacher consisting of a fair and equitable distribution of job responsibilities for all adults to follow.
  13. Assist and guide all substitute teachers working in your classroom. Inform the Lead teacher and administration if the substitute teacher needs additional assistance.
  14. Review weekly lesson plans with the lead teacher and assist with the written Today email summary.
  15. Assist Lead teacher with the preparation of and participation in parent conferences.
  16. Assist the Lead teacher in checking classroom e-mails and telephone messages. 
  17. Assist the Lead teacher with the organization of notes for and writing of all ongoing school reports, end-of-the-year summaries, and reports required for evaluations by outside agencies for all eligible students in a timely manner.
  18. Assist Lead teacher in the maintenance of current ongoing records (communication logs, conference summary forms, observation notes) on all students in your classroom and have same available for School’s review upon request. Maintain the confidentiality of all such records.
  19. Assist Lead teacher in the recording of observations on children in the classroom using the required recordkeeping system provided by the school.
  20. Report any and all accidents, incidents, or alleged/suspected child abuse immediately and prepare a written report stating the date, time, and nature of the accident and the action taken (See Guidelines for Report and Investigation of Unintentional Injury and Alleged Child Abuse).
  21. Follow all School policies and procedures as stated in the Employee Handbook and the School’s Rules and Regulations, as presently existing or as may hereafter be amended.
  22. Follow all standards in accordance with the GA Department of Health.
  23. Any additional duties as determined by the Director of the school.